Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hello Readers,

As most of you know, TPP blog went on hiatus when I began grad school in the summer of 2013, and posts were only being scheduled for around the holidays when I had less on my plate; however, a hacker decided otherwise. In late November, I was made aware that someone was posting expletive-laden, (almost pornographic), material on The Paperback Pursuer blog. I quickly made contact with Google and tried to remedy the issue, but it seemed that the clever hacker had covered all their bases, making sure that my backup email and phone number for password retrieval were changed. If this wasn't enough, they also gained access to my Google drive and Gmail accounts which were synced with my sign-in info. So, for the last couple of months I have been unable to access any parts of TPP blog or my email platform. Last week, I finally managed to get back into my accounts and try to undo some of the damage, but the hacker cleared my inbox, sent awful messages to some of my contacts, and deleted a great many files. It is for this reason that TPP is in such disarray and why no reviews or posts have recently been created. I will be working, (when I have a chance), on re-updating everything and trying to recoup all of the information that I have lost, including a great many ebooks and author/publisher contacts that I had saved in G-drive, but I may not be able to fully recover the blog until the semester's end, which is at least four months away. Again, I apologize to my readers and contributors for this, and I hope that you'll all bear with me while I try to bring TPP back. Thank-you all for the support.

Allizabeth - The Paperback Pursuer