Review Requests

Would you like an honest review of your book?
TPP Blog now accepts review requests year round!

Genres I read:
     I read anything that I can get my hands on, recipe books, fiction, nonfiction, romance, biographies, children's books, Christian lit, and even instruction manuals; I'm not too choosy, because I can find something interesting and likable in everything I read. This is why you will find a vast array of genres on my blog, not just typical teen / adult reads, but more of a library selection.
When contacting me for a review, please include the following:
  • Please put "Review Request - [title of book]" in the subject line
  • A synopsis of the book, or the link to one
  • The link(s) to the author's website/blog
  • The preferred date(s) for a review/guest-post/interview, if any (depends on availability)
     I prefer print copies, but I will accept eBooks if need be. I can only download .mobi/.prc files, or coupons to Smashwords if possible; I do own a Kindle. I read and review books in the order I receive them; however, physical copies take precedence over eBooks. (I prefer not to do extended reading on computerized devices for medical reasons) 
     Upon receiving books, I will do my best to give the author/publisher a quick turn-around time, but please understand that I am a working college student and may take some time to read and honestly review materials. It typically takes me 6 to 12 weeks to post a review, depending on how many books are currently on my wait-list. I am a member of many book blogging associations, so I receive anywhere from 12 and 28 books in my mailbox weekly, (many unexpected). If a review is needed around a specific release date, please let me know, especially if there is a blog tour involved. I will email the author/publisher review link(s) when I post my review on TPP blog. If the author/publisher has questions at any time, (review statuses, etc...), they are always welcome to email me! {}
      When my reviews are finalized I post them on TPP blog, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Librarything, Smashwords and Shelfari. If the author/publisher has additional sites where they would like the review posted, I will be happy to oblige. After posting my review, I will also share the links on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. 
     I do read every book I request and review them in their entirety. I will not read partial books or skim past the boring parts to the end; the whole book was written for a reason and all parts are important. I am also not obligated to give any book, publishing house, or author a positive review in return for any materials or ARCs I receive. If I enjoy a book, I will write a review reflecting that enjoyment, if I dislike a book, I won't "rip the author a new one", but I won't lie about my feelings. I am a bit of a critic when it comes to what I read and I wouldn't jeopardize my honest reputation by faking reviews.
*** I receive up to 25 requests per day and I am not a person who is attached to her computer, but if I am interested in reviewing a book, I will usually get back to you within a week. If you do not hear from me, I probably denied your request - this does not mean I do not want to read it, but my review shelf may be full.