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Allizabeth Collins aka The Paperback Pursuer

     About me? Well, I live in rural Maryland with my parents, brother, two indoor cats, one outdoor cat, one indoor fish, six outdoor fish, and one crotchety octogenarian, (who lives under the stairs). I have always had two passions in life, books and biology, one of which I just got my Master's degree in, and I am blessed that I am able to pursue both.
     My original book blog, The Paperback Pursuer Blog on Xanga lasted from 2001 to 2009, but was an unfortunate casualty of an encoding error and a couple angry computer viruses; alas, after graduation, I had to start anew. So I created The Paperback Pursuer Blog on Blogger in June of 2011. And, knowing the progression of technology, I will probably be able to sync this site with Facebook, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Amazon, Shelfari, BookTrib, Shelf-Awareness, and maybe even Twitter... If I can figure out the computer stuff  : P
     I read anything that I can get my hands on, recipe books, fiction, romance, biographies, children's books, Christian lit, and even instruction manuals; I'm not too choosy, because I can find something interesting and likable in everything I read. This is why you will find a vast array of genres on my blog, not just typical teen / adult reads, but more of a library selection.
     But I must post a disclaimer for anyone interested: I do read every book I receive and review them in their entirety. I will not read partial books or skim past the boring parts to the end; the whole book was written for a reason and all parts are important. I am also not obligated to give any book, publishing house, or author a positive review in return for any materials or ARCs I receive. If I enjoy a book, I will write a review reflecting that enjoyment, if I dislike a book, I won't "rip the author a new one", but I won't lie about my feelings. I am a bit of a critic when it comes to what I read and I wouldn't jeopardize my honest reputation by faking reviews.
     Enough of that. My future plans include earning a PHD, but my blog is here to stay, updated several times a week (except during grad schools exams) with anything new I have to offer. Eventually there will be giveaways and possible author interviews, but first I have to get the blog up and running. So with that in mind, I bid thee adieu, and happy reading!                              
P.S. Here's the link to my photo-book: Honey, I Shrunk the Science !!!

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  • If you would like me to review your book, please email me and I will send you my mailing address, (as soon as time allows). I also accept eBooks if paperbacks aren't available.

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