Besides being a microbiologist, a tutor, and an avid reader/reviewer/blogger, I am also dedicated to researching my family genealogy! A project that my mother got me started on years ago has turned into an addictive hobby - and we now have over 1,050 ancestors on our family tree! Surnames I am interested in include:
  • Collins in MD/NC/FL
  • Honeycutt in NC/MD
  • Frazzitta/Frazetti in MD/CA/NJ
  • Dileonardi in MD 
  • Wolf in MD
  • Buberl in MD
  • Hoefel in MD
  • Blakey in MD
  • Appler in MD
  • Rinaudo in MD
  • Maurice in NC/LA
I am always looking for more information: grave pics, family pics, and possible relations that could tell me more about my ancestors. I also volunteer for and as a document indexer, and for as a name/grave/photo contributor. If you are interested in volunteering please go to their websites for more information!

If you'd like more information on genealogy, or about my family research, please email me at

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