Friday, November 25, 2011

Review # 66: Death is a Relative Thing by Holly Patrone

     What happens when your husband unexpectedly dies while having sex with you? Well, you get a reputation that leaves a lull in your dating life, that's for sure - and April Serao would know. Six years ago her husband, Sal, died in bed with her, and now she can't even get a date, (unless it's with an inanimate object). So now she's a widowed single mom raising three teenage boys and attempting to hold a full-time job as a Technical Support Engineer at a software company. If that isn't stressful enough, her mother, Marie, won't leave her alone long enough to get anything done, which is the reason she's in her present predicament. Marie drags April to a celebrity psychic so she can talk to Sal, unfortunately his disembodied self decides to stay afterwards to recruit April's help; attempting to thwart her attempts at getting to know a new business associate on a more "personal" level. Can April find a way to deal with work, kids, love, ex-living ex's, and angry neighbors?
    When I was first contacted to review this book, I had my doubts due to its small size and vague cover description, but after reading it, I was very surprised by how enjoyable it was! This chick-lit was funny, witty, and ironic, each chapter more over-the-top and full of laughs than the last. I thought that April was a great character that most women could identify with, and the dialogue, especially between Sal and April was fun and laden with sarcasm. The book was quick, but satisfied my craving for fun and romance, it even had a little paranormal flair. The plot was refreshingly well-written and kept me entertained till the last page - unlike a lot of the chick-lit fiction I have been reading recently, and the cover was adorable! Kudos to the author, I can't wait to read her next book -- hopefully a sequel?

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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