Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review # 146: Better Off Without Him by Dee Ernst

     Mona Berman is a best-selling romance novelist, the mother of three teenage girls, and a dedicated wife. She has a great job, has penned twenty-seven romances, and is optimistic about her family's future. Until that is, her husband, Brian, decides to pack his bags, file for divorce, and leave her for a skinny, French twenty-something.
     Faced with the biggest shock of her life, Mona must recover by finding herself before everything swirls down the drain. Can Mona be the woman she was without Brian? Are the romances in her books truly fiction? Is love still an option? With help from her romance savvy daughters, her best friend, a crazy aunt, a matchmaking neighbor, and a plumber "too sexy for his"... everything, she may still have a chance at "happily ever after"!

     This book is definitely one of the better romantic comedies I have come across lately. I love characters with real personalities, real flaws, and the ability to overcome whatever gets thrown at them, and that is what I see in Mona Berman - as well as in her cohorts. Mona is hit with news that would floor any woman, but that doesn't stop her from making the most of a bad situation. Dee Ernst's characters are genuinely fun to read about; it feels like they live next door, and I wish they did! The story-line isn't your typical "chick-lit" romance, as a matter of fact, I thought the premise of a newly divorced mother of three finding herself and loving again was refreshing; especially since Mona was looked to as an authority on love, and her own happy ending, (with Brian), failed. I also appreciated that I didn't really know who Mona was going to end up with. The book had a mild predictability, not enough to displeasure readers, and the dialogue was smart, funny, and encouraging. Readers will have no problem falling in love with the characters, particularly Mona's crazy aunt and three daughters - I hope that they make appearances in Dee Ernst's future novels. Recommended for lovers of the chick-lit genre, as well as those looking for an example of how to be 'Better Without Him...'

Rating: On the Run (4/5)

* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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