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Guestpost: Where Today's Literature Stands by Rebecca Graf

Where Today’s Literature Stands
By: Rebecca Graf

     Today, the world of reading has changed. There are millions of more books out there for us to choose from. That might be a slight exaggeration, but the thought is true. Self-publishing and new publishing houses have opened up the door for more authors to get noticed. That is great, but it has its share of problems, too, for the reader.

     Ten years ago, you read what the big publishing houses produced. You had a lot of choices, but you were limited to what they deemed marketable material. If a book didn’t seem that it would sell, you never saw it on the shelves to buy or borrow from a library. You could only choose what they offered. The problem with that was that many authors that had good books got ignored. They were rejected and kept moving from publisher to publisher to find someone who would accept them. If they were lucky, someone would pick them up. That is the truth about many of the bestselling authors today. Publisher after publisher rejected them. Good books were getting lost which was not good for the readers.

     Self-publishing came along in a way that offered authors ways to affordably publish their own books. If the big publishing houses rejected them, they did it themselves. The great news was that readers were able to find authors they loved that otherwise would have been lost forever. They might not be selling a million copies, but they have a good following and make money writing books. There are now more choices for us as readers.

     The downside is that many authors are going to print without ever editing their book or looking into what they need to do to produce a good book. They assume that you just write it and publish it. There is so much more involved. That means there are some books hitting the market that should not be on the shelves. Readers have to be more cautious when purchasing a book. They need to read the reviews carefully and realize that they might get a book that is not that good or they just don’t like.

     Literature has changed. There are more options. There are more genres than ever before. There are more authors and new ones coming out every day. It makes it more exciting. It’s like an adventure or a quest. You’ll find some duds, but you’ll also find many gems that you’ll want to show the world and then look for me. This is a great time for writers and readers alike.

About the Author:

     Rebecca Graf is a wife and mother of three when she is not writing. From writing online for various companies to book reviews to her own novels, Rebecca spends most of her days reading and writing.

     She worked as an accountant for 20 years before taking a chance and trying to make it as a writer. She has been published on sites such as BellaOnline.com, HubPages, and Natural Family Today. She also freelances where she writes for several different companies.

     She is an avid reader and has found a love of writing all types of genres. She self-published her first children’s book, A Gift for a Mouse two years ago. Since then, she has started her own publishing company with a friend. Deep Connections is their first publication.

About the Book: 
  • Publisher: Silver Tongue Press, August 23, 2012
  • Category: Paranormal/Suspense/Romance
  • Available in: Print, PDF, and Kindle , 298 pages
     Deep Connections is the story of a woman who finds herself caught in a love-triangle with a stalker closing in on her. Brenna sees herself just as a high school English teacher. Slaton sees her as his soulmate. Eaton sees her as a serious girlfriend. To someone in the shadows, she is the fulfillment of a prophecy. Through her, he will exact his revenge. Through her, he will conquer those around him. Someone has to die in order for him to have her. Brenna has to make a decision that will forever change of life and that of everyone around her.
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