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Review # 24: Gamadin, Book IV: Gazz by Tom Kirkbride

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     Finally, the Boys have a series the Girls love to read! In this fourth installment, Harlowe is surfing in the South Pacific with his little brother, Dodger, when Riverstone calls in a panic from the Omini Prime quadrant. All life on the planet Gazz is about to be wiped out by a lethal gamma ray burst in 11 days. According to Wiz, saving the planet with Millawanda's force field is a slam dunk. The plan was going smoothly until hostile forces dropped out of hyperspace, moments before the deadly rays struck. Battling two forces at once, Millie still saves the planet, but at a cost: her power is sucked dry! Unable to maintain orbit, Millawanda plunges into the planet's ocean. Adding to their peril, Riverstone, Lu and Sizzle have vanished and a second gamma ray burst will hit the planet in 37 days! There is a source of thermo-grym to bring back Millie, but Gazz is a 16th century planet of wind-powered ships and slithering beasts called Traas. In a race against time, Harlowe must borrow and commandeer a pirate ship to find the yellow crystals that will power Millawanda back to life before the crew, his girl, the planet and his own life are lost...

     I received a copy of  Gamadin, Book IV: Gazz from LibraryThing Early Reviewers in July 2011 and immediately went to the library to find books I through III; and I am glad I did because this series ended up being quite an adventure! At first these books seemed quite lengthy, but after finding the time to read them, I was hooked. Chapters are just the right size to encourage further reading without becoming monotonous and boring, (not that the material could get boring, it was pretty exciting and fast-paced). At first I wasn't sure I would enjoy all the science fiction ("planetary space cops"), but it was surprisingly enjoyable. The story line and the characters were really well developed and each character had their own "vibe", it was easy to imagine them existing, especially with the dialogues between them. Descriptions of Gazz and the ship were great, liked the overall feel I got from them. I do believe that someone could read this as a single volume and still understand and enjoy it, but I would recommend finding time to enjoy it as a whole. Can't wait to see if Tom Kirkbride adds another volume to this already exciting adventure.

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

***I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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