Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review # 30: Missed Connections: Love Lost & Found by Sophie Blackall

     Almost everyone who uses craigslist.com has heard about the Missed Connection classifieds; a place where strangers who have chance encounters write posts in hopes of finding a “missed connection.” Detailing whatever they remember, (no matter how insignificant), these strangers describe places, faces, clothing, and other accoutrements that may, or may not, lead them to people they want another chance with.     Once Sophie Blackall discovered Missed Connections, after a fleeting encounter of her own, she decided to use her passion for painting in order to bring the posts to life. On her blog, http://missedconnectionsny.blogspot.com/ , Sophie posts her paintings, brush-stroked in rich watercolors and Chinese ink, of missed opportunities, regrets, and hopes of future contact with the ones once lost. Each glossy plate of the 128 page book captures a different Missed Connections post as well as several small related margin illustrations; every depiction evoking the feelings of both Sophie and the post-maker towards the person or event.
     The amazingly playful, yet serenely elaborate paintings drew me in to this resplendent artistic world. Sure, I had always wondered about the Missed Connections classifieds, but I had never really viewed and imagined them in the ways presented in this crafty little book. It is definitely one of my top ten books for 2011 due to its refreshingly light and amusing tone. I also loved the introduction, especially Sophie Blackall's recounting of her personal Missed Connection experiences. After finishing this book, I had to pull up Sophie's blog and look at all her other Missed Connections paintings, which are also brilliant! I can tell this will be a new addiction of mine. I recommend this to readers and artists alike!

Rating: Clean Getaway (5/5) 

*** I received Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall from Workman Publishing in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

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