Monday, January 16, 2012

Review # 103: Love from the Other Side- Searching for Answers by Carol Shimp

     Carol Shimp always had abilities beyond the "norm". She experienced precognitive dreams, saw/felt strange presences, and clearly shared a link with the "beyond"; however, her religious upbringing forced her to suppress her "gifts", using self-discipline and a quiet tongue to hide her "spiritual" side. But after the death of her mother, Carol decided she wanted to know more about what she could do, and found a group of people with similar interests and talents who helped her understand her "gifts". Little did she know, that as her knowledge grew, so would her link to a unquiet earthbound spirit from the past who refused to leave her and her family alone.

     Carol Shimp's story is extraordinary. I have always believed that there are people who are linked with the "beyond", but I have never read one's autobiography. I was astounded by the way the author described her interactions with the "other side". They were very detailed, and left me convinced that her "gifts" were indeed a blessing, because she helped someone lost-of-this-world find peace. Her characters were clearly based on real people in her life, and the amount of emotion towards every person/spirit, particularly Danny, helped me relate and sympathize throughout the book. What Carol went through was unsettling, yet amazing, and her sessions with the regression therapist left me fascinated. I have heard of these therapies, but I had never known what to expect from one. Her book is quite a visual one, and the reader will experience her trials, tears, and smiles first-hand. Overall, a very interesting and powerful read, recommended to anyone who believes, or wants to believe, in the "beyond" and what lies there.

Rating: On the Run (4/5)

*** I received this book from the author (Bostick Communications) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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