Friday, January 27, 2012

Review # 109: No, We Can't: Radical Islam, Militant Secularism and the Myth of Coexistence by Robert Stearns

      No, We Can't: Radical Islam, Militant Secularism and the Myth of Coexistence is a thought-provoking read that describes the three main world-views - Radical Islam, Militant Secularism, and Judeo-Christianity - and how Christians need to stand up against tolerance/coexistence with these groups to seek the truth. The world is changing, and Robert Stearns wants Christians to question what they believe in: Is the idea of coexistence a myth?; Is peace impossible?; and is there anything we can do about it?

     I am one of those Christians who believes in the idea of coexistence, so as soon as I saw this book offered for review, I knew I had to see where this author's ideas were coming from. The eternal optimist that I am wasn't too pleased with some of the topics discussed, including the theory that the world is being taken over by Islam ("Islamization"), and the Judeo-Christian population is being attacked, so they have to "ensure that the torch of liberty is not extinguished..." The United States is a "melting pot" of  races, cultures, languages, etc... - so why not religions? Does Robert Stearns really think that one spiritual world-view is going to completely obliterate another? I honestly don't believe that, and I was surprised to find so much exaggeration of certain topics. After reading a book like this one, you'd think the world was ending and that there was no real hope - unless you are a Christian devoted to non-tolerance ideals. It was interesting to read, but very controversial. I respect his opinions, but I have my own view of what's to come. The book was well-written format-wise, but I never managed to grasp the author's true purpose. He pointed out too many reasons for writing and not enough facts. Overall, I wasn't too thrilled with this book's content, but I did finish it. I recommend reading this book as a topic for discussion, especially for readers looking for Christian debate material.

Rating: DNR (2.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author (Bethany House - Chosen - Baker Publishing) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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