Monday, February 13, 2012

Review # 113: Nitt Witt Hill by Sebastian Gibson

     Mark, a political consultant, and his canine friend, Twain, embark on a mission to find out why America is in the mess it is in, and who is to blame. Along the way they meet up with America's top Clowns, Turkeys, and Nitt Witts, (including Sarah Palin and the President), in order to determine why the American public thinks the banning of bras will fix the economy. The pair discovers one conspiracy after another - and inevitably become part of a few - before administering their own brand of "common sense" to America's growing ills. Are bras really to blame? Or will Mark and Twain find the real culprit and bring the country together as they journey through Nitt Witt Hill

     I am not partial to either side of the political spectrum, but I am knowledgeable enough to know that Sebastian Gibson has written an uproarious satire about today's political parties and their descent into literal and figurative madness. From page ix, my curiosity was peaked - Turkeys, Clowns, Nitt Witts, and... boobs? I hadn't laughed that much at politics since the George W. Bush skits on SNL. I was pleasantly surprised by the book's progression - the characters were hilariously caricatured, the plot was easy to follow, and no sides were taken. Each party was berated equally, without suffering crude or malicious blows to their egos, and the issues - although absurd - served to enlighten me on the strange-but-true inner workings of the American political system. I definitely recommend this book to all readers, teen through adult, as well as all political parties - be them Clowns, Turkeys, or even Nitt Witts!

Rating: On the Run (4/5)

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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