Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review # 272: The Who's Who Caper - Double Take Book 1 by Lee Duran

Description: (from GoodReads)

Everybody has a double somewhere, according to Mother. 
But what happens when doubles meet?

     Samantha Smith is a gorgeous and classy con artist who's trying to reform. Unfortunately, the straight and narrow path has more twists and turns than a fortune cookie. Jayne Roberts, Sam's mousy lookalike, is a presidential archivist and "good girl" who longs to go bad - or at least go to bed with Sam's hunky husband.

     The lookalikes - and so different in personality that they might be from different planets--meet by chance in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport during the snowstorm of the century. Each is faced with a task she dreads. While on terminal layover, they agree to trade places with disastrous results. Pursued by someone they know not why, they're just a mistaken identity away from love, lust, danger and other natural disasters.

And they don't even like each other! Much.


     After reading fifteen straight nonfiction titles, I was definitely in the mood for something funny and fictitious, and The Who's Who Caper: Double Take fit the bill! This witty laugh-out-loud mystery held my attention with its bright and well-developed cast of characters, as well as a top-notch plot full of topsy-turvy twists. I loved Jayne, the stereotypical mousy librarian who longed for a story-book romance; I identified with her character the most, but I enjoyed look-alike Samantha's wild-side con-artist persona too! As different as they both were, their opposing personalities meshed perfectly. Switching lives caused them to deviate, in thoughts and actions, from their norm - with hilarious, and sometimes deadly, consequences. Lee Duran wove a fast-paced and original plot-line ripe with finespun humor! I liked the balanced mixture of laughs, danger, awkwardness and romance, all leading to to an ending that left me wanting more!!! (No spoilers!). Well-written and laugh-packed, The Who's Who Caper: Double Take and its characters have what today's mystery readers crave - spunk! Recommended for all adult mystery lovers, especially fans of Janet Evanovich, M.C. Beaton and Stephanie Bond !

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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