Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review # 1: Legs (A Steamy Contemporary Romance) by Harper Alibeck

From Cover: "Two countries, three centuries, and one fiery journey of two souls destined to make history together"
Description: (From
"Whose romance are you reliving 100 years later?
     A chance encounter on a mundane morning bus commute leads history scholars Jill Knowles and Seth Hines into a spontaneous, uninhibited romantic encounter that leaves both surprised and reeling -- and destined for more. 
     Determined to become a respected historian in her field, Jill's entire career path is thrown off by a love that seems like deja vu. Meanwhile, Seth has wanted Jill since the first day they met, nearly two years ago. When she makes the first, unexpected move he leaps -- and falls far harder than he ever planned.
     But Seth has a secret that will keep them apart, and when Jill finds out she turns her razor-sharp mind against him by day, yet channels her anger into passion-filled nights. Archives in Toronto, Canada and Santiago, Chile hold the key to their reunion, but Jill and Seth may be too late when each discovers the same century-old secret that could bring them together -- or tear them apart forever.
     Fans of "Dead Again," "Somewhere in Time" and Possession may enjoy the ride as as Legs covers three continents, two centuries, and one fiery journey of two souls destined to make history together.
     Legs is a full-length novel of 50,000 words with two excerpts at the end: a preview of a prequel for Legs, and a section from Arms, the next book in the "A Romance of the Body" series."
     I have never been into erotic romances, but Legs by Harper Alibeck was a pleasant surprise. The premise of two people linked throughout the ages is nothing new, but the grad school angle was interesting, (and I don't just mean what they did under the desk). I enjoyed the story-line and the characters who seemed decently developed, although the book started rather abruptly. I wish that instead of a prequel, there would have been more background story. A little less intercourse and a little more dialogue would have also added to this novel's charm. Overall this novel was very well written and quite steamy. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good spicy romance that also has an engrossing plot. 

Rating: Bounty's Out (3.5/5)

*** I received this book from LibraryThing Member Giveaways in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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