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Review # 3: Moxie for Managers: The Secret to Evolving from Manager to Leader by Ann Tardy

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     "When innovation, progress, and brilliance matter, it’s time to unleash moxie in the middle lane. It’s time for business as unusual. It’s time we all stop selling ourselves and our people unacceptably short. As a middle leader, you have the power to strike the match that will start it all. You are a clandestine superhero with the power to influence people’s behaviors and actions. Your power only works, however, if you operate with the knowledge of influence that every manager must use to ignite change. Apply thenine essential influencing tenets to a battle cry and add a dose of iconoclastic (sometimes irreverent) action, and you have the power to impact from the middle. That’s the power of moxie.
     Ann Tardy’s Moxie for Managers uses behavioral science to blast myths about employee motivation and engagement. Tardy replaces these myths with strategies and tools that influence, instigate, and inspire people to own their work, their own success, and the success of the company. People are hungry to make a difference, but they’re hardwired to hold themselves back. When managers understand how to access and rewire that hardwiring, they can evolve into leaders.
By the end of this book, you will know how to:
1. Master the ten influencing tenets that impact all human beings.
2. Swap “motivating people” with “influencing them to motivate themselves.
3. Drive change in any organization, regardless of your position or title.
4. Become more effective in day-to-day interactions and big picture strategy.
5. Evolve into the leader that anyone would follow into battle.
The time for middle leadership to shine is now!"
     Wow, talk about self- and coworker-motivation. I received this book from the LT member giveaway program and immediately began highlighting. I just graduated from college and, although I am not in a management position currently, I feel like this book has enabled me to get in the "Moxie" mind-frame to do better work; and to make my work experience better for me and for my coworkers. Ann Tardy's tips for becoming a leader at work also apply to other parts of my life now: classes, projects, interviews, and even friendships. After reading, I felt empowered to make better decisions and to make my experience what I want it to be. Excellent read for those who want to manage both work relationships and life relationships. Highly recommend, and have gotten feedback from friends that it has inspired them to do their best at work and at home also.

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5) 

*** I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing Member Giveaways in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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