Monday, October 10, 2011

Review # 41: Vengeance by A.J. Scudiere

     Vengeance by A.J. Scudiere is appropriately titled; it's about getting vengeance, and lots of it. Claymore Beller was an accountant for the Russian mafia, until the day he tried to turn them over to the IRS, resulting in the murder of his entire family, and of Claymore; or so they thought. Claymore's youngest daughter Cynthia survives and makes it her mission to get vengeance on the men who killed her family.
     Lee Maxwell's family was also killed by the Russian mafia for his own betrayal. He, like Cynthia, yearns to get vengeance for the deaths of his wife and daughter; and upon meeting, they decide to make the mafia pay for their crimes. Law enforcement and the media refer to them as the "Grudge Ninja".
     Owen Dunham has been following the "Grudge Ninja" case, but none of the evidence/profiles seem to get him any closer to apprehending the suspects. Until he figures out their motive, leaving him to decide whether the "Grudge Ninja" has the right to deal out payback, or if  it's his sworn duty to report them.
      After reading A.J. Scudiere's Resonance, I was excited to read Vengeance, especially after reading the book blurb. The characters were very unique and well developed, and the plot was definitely solid, two of the many reasons that the book took off as soon as I started reading. I love a good thriller, but most times I find them predictable, so the fact that I was constantly on my toes trying to figure out what was going to happen earned this book huge Brownie points. I also appreciated the level of detail, particularly the grittiness, violence, and gore associated with the pairs' vendetta. I wouldn't be surprised to see this as a movie or as the plot in one of the many crime shows currently on television. This fast-paced thriller is definitely on my recommended list!

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

*** I received this book from Griffyn Ink (JKS Communications) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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