Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guestpost: Lifetime of Achievement - 7 Goal Setting Strategies that Work by Jordan Maylea Ramirez

Pursue Your Dreams Wholeheartedly 
by Jordan Maylea Ramirez 

These are just a few thoughts based on some things I have witnessed lately:
  • A goal or dream worth having will not be without its obstacles. Refuse to be stopped by them. Go under them, over them, around them or knock them down — but whatever you do, REFUSE to remain stuck behind them. 
  • Sometimes success requires a big push to get you going. I’ve been taught that this push can be referred to as priming the pump… it takes extraordinary effort in the beginning, but once the water is flowing and you are enjoying the results of your hard work, it is well worth it. 
  • Become dogged in your pursuit of success. Oftentimes success will require you to get creative. Focus on the WHAT and let your subconscious mind go to work on the HOW. If you know in your mind that the WHAT is inevitable, the HOW will work itself out nearly every time. 
  • Seek the help of others through research and advisement. Rome was not built in a day, nor was it built by a single individual. Seek the help of those who are more wise than you — form a mastermind group and work off of the strengths of each individual. While one person alone may not possess all of the skills and resources necessary for your success, you can almost always possess them in a group. 
  • Finally, refuse to be discouraged. When you are forced to use creativity to conquer obstacles, remain positive and focused on your goal. Success happens in the mind before it happens in reality. When you know that you know that you know that success is inevitable for you, obstacles will not discourage you. If you feel you are being brought down by obstacles, strengthen your belief.

About the Book:

     There are too many people going through life content with mediocrity. People going to jobs they hate, to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. People who are dreading Monday, looking forward to hump day and praying for Friday; and let’s not even talk about those two weeks of paid vacation… those are gold!

     How long have we been this way? Is this really what life is all about? I don’t believe we were created to be content with a mediocre lifestyle we never wanted in the first place. What happened to being a rock star, an astronaut, or an actor? What happened to the hopes and dreams we each had as children? Perhaps, over time, our dreams have changed… but our propensity for dreaming is still inside us.

     Lifetime of Achievement outlines seven goal-setting strategies to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. In its chapters you will find knowledge from some of the worlds most popular personal development masterpieces, taken down to a level that is easy to read and simple to understand.

     Learn the steps to discovering who you truly are, creating goals in perfect alignment with that discovery and implementing an action plan that, when followed, has been proven to produce results. Learn how to conquer fear, to activate the powers of the human mind and discover two of the most important factors shared by virtually every successful individual throughout history.

     This book takes proven strategies and puts them into an easy-to-read, easy-to-implement format that can be read in as little as a few hours. Discover the steps, put them to work, and become prepared for a Lifetime of Achievement!

About the Author:

      Jordan lives with her husband Robert in Lubbock, Texas with their 3 dogs and two horses. Because both her parents have always been self-employed, she had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age and began her first business at the age of 17. It was at that time that she first became fascinated with the subject of personal development and the impact a personal education can have on a person’s life. She grew up riding horses and competing in Dressage shows all across Texas and New Mexico. The sport continues to be one of the primary passions in her life and if she is not working or spending time with her family you can usually find her at the barn. Jordan has two younger siblings, Clayton and Paige, whom she is very close to, and she greatly enjoys spending time with her family. She and Robert enjoy entertaining friends at their home (especially during football season – Go Red Raiders!) and they love to travel the world and experience new countries and cultures together. Her latest book is Lifetime of Achievement.

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