Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review # 285: Unload Email Overload - How to Master Email Communications, Unload Email Overload and Save Your Precious Time by Bob O'Hare

Description: (book jacket)
Email steals too much of your precious time, doesn’t it? 
     Processing email takes way too much time because we never learned to manage it effectively. We are constantly interrupted, invest countless hours in it, re-read emails that languish in our inbox, store email we don’t need and suffer from email overload. Don’t you agree? 
     This book provides what you need to manage email, eliminate the overload and save your precious time. It will help you minimize interruption, overcome indecision and empty your inbox. It will help you organize priorities and manage time, so you can get your work done—at work. You can give up doing email at dinner and in bed. Good idea.


     Book reviewers tend to get a lot of emails - in the last five hours I have received twenty-seven review requests, three personal emails, and fifty-six spam emails - and that is only counting a single personal email, not my school or work email accounts. Thus why Unload Email Overload instantly appealed to me! There are some weeks that I am so fed-up with the contents of my inbox that I don't bother checking it, and when I finally do, I have about 1,000 emails (mostly spam), and no time to read or respond to any of them. As great as technology is, sometimes it can be a giant pain in the rump, instead of the ease and relief it should be. Bob O'Hare's tips on managing your inbox and saving time are easy to follow, and can help almost anyone with a growing email problem. In eight chapters, the reader can find several simple steps to a less cluttered email experience, including chapters on Personalizing, Processing, Sending, Grouping, Productivity, and Special Applications. I personally found the section on time management and productivity very useful for my own email problems, even though some of the tips were just common sense. This book is great for any level of email user, including: students, home office users, corporations, etcetera. Definitely something people in the tech generation need to read!

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

About the Author:

     Bob, as an engineer and computer scientist, developed computer communication systems and one of the first personal computers. After that career in digital technology, Bob did postgraduate work in organization development and founded Performance Improvement Technologies, Inc. With this company, Bob facilitates corporate change, coaches executives and provides professional development services. He emphasizes the human side of leadership.

     Concern by professionals and management about information overload, excess email, and productivity loss encouraged Bob to seek a solution for these issues. He researched the field and developed the MasteringEmail™ methodology to help knowledge workers, professionals, leaders and managers achieve the benefits of email without the burden. Bob wrote chapter eight of the book especially for upper management, to help them explore productivity issues that cost corporations millions of dollars annually.

     To help companies change email culture and apply the MasteringEmail™ principles, Bob designs and facilitates workshops and coaching sessions to meet their needs.

Bob and his wife, Carol, two married children and three grandchildren, live and work in the Philadelphia area.

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