Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review # 86: No Innocent Affair- Making Right the Wrong of Adultery by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. and Kelly Helen Mrkvicka

     "Thou shalt not commit adultery" - Exodus 20:14
     No Innocent Affair is about GOD's view of adultery versus society's view of adultery, and it details how the practice of adultery can ruin more than just a marriage. This book leads the reader through GOD's words in the Bible and shows them that with repentance- salvation and forgiveness can be reclaimed after one has committed sins of adultery.

     I have personally never had an affair, or been cheated on, but I know several people that have, and I have seen how it has torn their families apart. Infidelity is on the rise, there's no debate, but has our society become so accepting of the practice that participants no longer fear the ultimate consequences? That is the question that Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. aims to tackle in his new book No Innocent Affair. This book is a must read for any Christians that are married or in a serious relationship today, and uses an in-your-face approach to explaining adultery for what it really is, a sin against your partner/family and a sin against GOD. I really liked how the author set a non-judgemental tone for the book, but did not leave any room for excuses; an affair is an affair no matter who it happens with, what causes it, when it happens, where it happens, why it happens, or how it happens, etc. I was impressed by how the author tackled the taboo subject of infidelity, as well as the writing style and wording he used to convey his message. Great book for repentant adulterers and non-adulterers alike; I will definitely be passing this book on to friends.
What the tag-line should read: For this book you should be paying if you have a penchant for straying...

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author (Bostick Communications) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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