Friday, December 30, 2011

Review # 90: BATTLEGROUNDS America's War in Education and Finance: A View from the Front Lines by Todney Harris

     Todney Harris' BATTLEGROUNDS America's War in Education and Finance: A View from the Front Lines is a wake up call for America and its educational system. It discusses the capitalistic economy and its approach to running America's educational facilities, the negative factors that influence America's children, and how these problems can be solved if the parents, schools, and government start communicating with each other and taking social injustices seriously.

     Even before I read this book, I was very interested in Todney Harris' opinions on education. I have noticed in the past couple years that the American educational system is indeed heading in a downward spiral. More and more kids are falling behind, and many are dropping out because schools aren't the safe, supportive, and stimulating environments they should be. I am glad to hear that someone is so passionate about this topic, especially about the economy's role in it. I enjoyed the detailed history of education in the USA, as well as Todney Harris' views on educational reform, technology, and parental/ media influences. I agree that educators and school leaders are obligated  to care, educate, nurture and protect the school community, but it should be everyone's job (parents, state, government, etc...), not just the teachers and educators. I have great respect for educators and what they have to deal with these days, especially the budget cuts and the dwindling pay. Educators are responsible for molding the minds of our future generations, so why should they be treated with so little respect? Overall, I thought that American War and Education... was very well researched and written. The small but powerful book put the educational system into perspective for me, and, after reading, I did feel inspired. I believe that many people have similar opinions, but are afraid to voice them. Hopefully this book will change that. America is a democracy after all, shouldn't the people's opinions matter? Very interesting and thought-provoking read, recommended to all parents and guardians of future generations.

Rating: On the Run (4.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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