Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hello Authors & Readers!

     I just heard about another great site catered towards kindle and eBook reviews, as well as book marketing/ promotions -! Since August, Goodkindles has been listed as one of The Kindle Book Review's "Great Websites for Marketing & Connecting with Readers" and has also been mentioned on The Writer's Workshop, gaining popularity with readers and authors of multiple genres. According to their website, site traffic is increasing daily via Google searches for ' "Good kindle books", "Kindle book recommendations" or "Kindle book reviews" ' - basic Google search parameters used by book enthusiasts. Over half the visitors to the site click links to Amazon content, which means that users are more likely to find and/or purchase the book through the online retailer. So authors can simply submit their book(s) and improve their sales! Book promotions include book info on the site's main page, posts on Facebook and Twitter, the "You might also like" widget, the "Random book" button "(nearly 79% of users hit that button)" and many other promotional places. The promotions also stay on the site permanently. It is up to the authors how they want their book promoted! Here is more about Goodkindles from the website:

  • "Goodkindles is not the usual review site - we are a place where you post your own article about your title and can reach the readers. 
  • We do not review your book - we give you a platform to tell everyone what do you think is most interesting about your book and what you think will interest readers so much that they will go and buy your book."
Take a couple of minutes and check this awesome resource out!

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