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Review # 235/236: "Darby’s Story" & "Bangle Bear" by Martha Steward

Description: (from book)
     Darby’s Story is an inspirational book about how adopting a pet can bring so much joy to you and your family. Darby lived a full fifteen years and touched many people with his big heart. Darby also had an adventurous side. This inspiring book of Darby’s life shows just how bringing a rescue pet into your life can entertain and enrich. Darby was an incredibly loved family member. In an industry where we see so many devastating outcomes, do what we do. Children and adults of all ages should hear this story, it inspires caring and compassion for all living creatures.


     Darby's Story: The Life of an Adopted Dog is an encouraging and educational tribute to Martha Steward's canine best friend - Darby - a quiet, loving, sable-red rescue pup. After one page, I was already in adoration of the thirty-two page children's book, taking in the entertaining true-life stories and full-color photos of Darby doing what he loved to do! Darby was very lucky to be adopted by such a loving family, and Steward made it clear that he was more than just a dog, he was a genuine member of the family, and was treated as such. Stories like this never fail to capture the hearts and attentions of kids and adults alike. Possible pet owners, and those curious about the responsibilities of pet ownership, will definitely get a taste of what caring for/ adopting an animal is all about. The reading level is more moderate than a typical children's book, filled with challenging vocabulary and separate chapters, (seven of them), but what child can resist the handsome and loyal dog displayed on the bright yellow front cover? I know I couldn't! I can tell that the author is very passionate about her animals and about shelter rescue/ adoption programs, and I admire her for trying to make a difference in the lives of sheltered animals and their future owners. Overall, I loved the book and its humorous and heartwarming stories, as well as Steward's campaign for shelter rescue. I recommend this book for all ages!

Rating: Clean Getaway (5/5)

Description: (from book)
     Bangle Bear is an adventurous story of an adopted tailless cat. Within the pages, Bear teaches her human pets what ‘cat time’ is, that presents are a good thing, and any time is second breakfast. You will discover cats have many interests; the odd places they sleep; are cats truly politicians, and what snacks to share. The tender moments Bear expresses love and devotion to her family members. You will want to share. . . 


     As I have stated in the past, I am a serious cat-lover - all shapes, sizes and breeds - even hairless ones, so it should come as no surprise that I loved Bangle Bear: The Tale of a Tailless Cat! My family recently adopted two farm kittens, Bahto and Grimm, and we went through some of the things that Martha and Drew did with Bangle Bear - home adjustments, pet introductions, "presents", fleas and worms, and cat time. It is refreshing to hear about the trials and tribulations of owning a pet, especially since most people are not prepared for the heavy/lifelong responsibilities of pet ownership. Martha's lighthearted stories and photographs are straightforward, yet adorable, containing descriptions of the many lessons pet owners inevitably learn. I  had no idea that fleas could carry worms, but now I am prepared to tackle most pet associated qualms - even the halved mice and crickets I'm gifted every couple of weeks no longer phase me. I like the format, font,  photos, and descriptions throughout the book; Bangle Bear's story comes alive instantly and is great for kids and adults who are deciding whether to adopt a pet, or for those who would like to learn more about pets. I also appreciate the challenging vocabulary and the mild level of humor. Besides it being a little wordy, I really enjoyed this delightfully uplifting read, and I hope that there are future books in the series. It was nice hearing more about Darby in this book as well!  

Rating: Clean Getaway (5/5)

*** I received both of these books from the author (Lightning Book Promotions) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Alizabeth, Thank you for sharing Darby and Bear's message through the month of October is Adopt a Shelter Dog, may your readers be inspired though the pages to open their homes to a rescue dog or cat. Have a great wagging tail day : )