Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review # 184: Cemetery Club by J. G. Faherty

Description: (from GoodReads)
     20 years ago four friends awoke an ancient evil, and only the Cemetery Club can stop it before the whole town ends up dead. Or worse. 
      Rocky Point is a small town with a violent history - mass graves, illegal medical experiments and brutal murders dating back centuries. Of course, when Cory, Marisol, John and Todd form the Cemetery Club, they know none of this. They’ve found the coolest place to party after school - an old crypt. But then things start to go bad. People get killed and the Cemetery Club knows the cause: malevolent creatures that turn people into zombies. When no one believes them, they descend into the infested tunnels below the town and somehow manage to stop the cannibalistic deaths. 
      Now, twenty years later, the horror is beginning again. The Cemetery Club must reunite to defeat the menace once and for all. The problem is they can’t remember how they did it the first time. 
     It’s a race against time to find the true source of evil infesting Rocky Point, as the Cemetery Club ventures into the cryptic maze, to face their demons in a final showdown.


     What happens when a few friends hang out at a cemetery and decide to mess with things they don't understand? A great gore-filled supernatural thriller with the potential for film rights, Cemetery Club will give readers a good dose of scare for such a small book. It has a vaguely Stephen King-esque feel, a few well-developed characters, and a horde of grotesque aliens/zombies. I found the characters and dialogue realistic and entertaining, as was the story-line - although cliche at times. I dislike when horror authors fall into the overused "monster behind the medicine cabinet" trap, and there were a few instances where I felt that the plot was heading into a very stale and predictable place, but overall, I enjoyed the story and the pace. The ending was typical of most horror novels, something evil always seems to snake away, (no spoilers), however the level of detail was worth the read. Very creepy book with a chance for a sequel. Recommended to adult horror fans.

Rating: Bounty's Out (3.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author (LibraryThing Early Reviewers) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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