Monday, August 13, 2012

Review # 216: The Richest Man in China: Harnessing the 8 Pillars of Wealth by Louis F. Petrossi

Description: (from Amazon)
      Louis F. Petrossi unlocks ancient wisdom to review how anyone can move from adversity and mediocrity to prosperity and significance. With the 8 Pillars of Wealth, you can develop:
  • Awareness of Infinite Intelligence
  • Mantra to Harvest Wealth
  • Prosperity Mindset
  • Never-Ending Wealth
  • The Road to Riches
  • Holy Grail of Wealth
  • Multiple Streams of Passive Income
  • Prosperity to Significance
     Petrossi's teachings will allow you to take control of your destiny and change your life forever. The wisdom and knowledge in this book is a must-read for all people who want peace of mind, wealth, and financial freedom.


     I usually do not read about business and wealth, and and issue of Forbes is definitely not sitting on my bedside table, but The Richest Man in China seemed like an interesting read. I have always been interested in Asian cultures and the different ways that countries other than the USA function, (schools, businesses, governments, etc...), so I thought that maybe this short (140 page) "self-help" type book might clue me in on some interesting ideas. It started out being pretty interesting, Louis F. Petrossi knows what he is talking about and tries to use the story of one of China's richest men, "Master", to convey common knowledge about finance and business know how, unfortunately, after awhile it just gets boring and repetitive. Other books I have read have had similar tips, and I didn't find anything really eye-opening, except for the "characters" - Master and his scribe Liang. I enjoyed reading the dialogue between the two, which was more interesting than the rest of the book, and I learned a lot more about the 8 Pillars of Wealth from their back-and-forth conversation than from Petrossi. I almost wish that there had been more about the actual "Richest Man in China" than there was; I am sure that his biography would be quite entertaining and inspiring. Overall, I liked some of the tips and ideas I got from this book, but I wasn't very impressed with it. Recommended for those interested in a new approach to success based on treasured old-world techniques.

Rating: DNR (2.5/5)

*** I received this book from the author (Bostick Communications) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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