Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review # 165: Wrath of the White Tigress by David Alastair Hayden

He thought he was a hero. She showed him the truth.
Now he'll do anything to stop the man who made him a monster...
     Jaska Bavadi served Grandmaster Salahn of the Palymfar Order for twenty years, carrying out every order, including assassinations, without question; his loyalty unwavering. Until he encountered the last high priestess of the White Tigress, Zyrella Anthari, who broke the charm that controlled his mind, as well as his actions. As the dark tasks he committed come to light, Jaska must find a way to end Salahn's rule and protect the people of Hareez before Pawan Kor is merged with the Underworld.

     I was pleasantly surprised by David Alastair Hayden's writing style, full of fast-paced action scenes, middle-eastern flair, and a new fantasy world for discovery – Pawan Kor. I do not read adult fantasies too often, but when I do, this is the kind I enjoy. I loved the names of the people and places, the language and dialogue pulling me into Jaska and Zyrella's world. I found the story-line fun and enthralling, especially when it reached its zenith. Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the sex scenes, which seemed unnecessary, or of the predictable romance; I thought the characters worked well together without them. Everything else fit into the plot perfectly, particularly the vivid descriptions readers could get lost in. I must give a thumbs-up to Pepper Thorn and Sandara for the bright and intricate cover design, it made me want to read Wrath of the White Tigress even more! Overall, the well-written storyline paired with exciting characters and the middle-eastern landscape held enough sorcery and swordplay to keep me entertained. Recommended for readers of the adult (17+) fantasy genre.

Rating: On the Run (4/5)

*** I received this book from the author (Typing Cat Press) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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